Two-photon microscope


Strong penetration

High resolution 

Multi-marker composite measurement


Product feature:

  • Limited photic damage to living cells, suitable for long-term research
  • A new technology combines laser scanning confocal microscope and two-photo excitation principle
  • Maximum of 1000mm penetration, solves tomographic problem regarding deep layer of biological tissue
  • High resolution that photobleaching outside focus area would be avoided
  • Suitable for multi-market composite measurement, exciting light with single wavelength can be used to excite multiple dyes simultaneously
  • Two-photon transitions characterizes strong selective excitation, which can be applied to special material imaging related research in biological tissue
  • Interferential avoidance in autofluorescence from tissue so that strong sample fluorescence can be obtained: In general, the excitation wavelength of autofluorescence substance in biological tissue would be within the range of 350~560nm, the absorption of excitation light by biological tissue can be greatly reduced by applying near-infrared or infrared light as the source of excitation


1.High-speed and high-sensitivity in vivo two-photon imaging technology based on 12kHz resonance scanner and GaAsP detector

2.Fully synchronous with general electrophysiological and optogentical instrumentation

3.Achieve synchronization of imaging and light excitation

Two-photon imaging and excitation system


Example cases of sales promotion

11 units have been sold and 4 units are on trial so far, partners are:

1. Stanford University, US

2. University of Bonn, Germany

3. Peking University

4. Daping Hospital, TMMU (2 Units)

5. University of Science and Technology of China

6. Zhejiang University

7. Institute of Neuroscience, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2 Units)

8. Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

9. Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

10. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (2 Units)

11. The University of Tokyo, Japan

12. Third Military Medical University