Suzhou ZhongKe Medical Device Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ZK Medical") was established in February, 2016 with a registered capital of 62.5 million yuan. ZK Medical which relies on the existing medical device research and development platform and achievement transformation platform of the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "SIBET"), was led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CAS Holdings" ) who Jointly funded and established with Suzhou GK Medtech Science and Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou GK Medtech "), a wholly-owned company of SIBET.

In addition to relying on medical device engineering technology and service support, with the help of the Suzhou Medical Institute platform, talents, capital and other advantageous resources, our company carries out medical device technology project investment, business incubation, technical consulting, technology transfer, technical services, product promotion and other businesses. Besides, continuously exploring advanced transformation models of medical device achievement can help realize the three-chain integration of medical device innovation chain, capital chain, and industrial chain with intellectual property and financial capital as the link, so as to accelerate the transformation of medical device scientific and technological achievements. Therefore, ZK Medical has the characteristics of open project sources, outstanding engineering features, precise and convenient investment, clear rights and interests of members, close integration of medicine and industry, and abundant local resources.

In terms of project investment, ZK Medical has designed a variety of flexible investment methods like that the company can directly invest in investment projects or can establish a strategic partnership for joint investment with other investors to jointly invest in incubation projects. Moreover, the company can integrate social capital and other investors to jointly initiate and set up a special VC fund to invest in advanced medical device projects in an all-round way to promote and lead forward the gathering of social capital in the medical device industry. ZK Medical will assist companies to unblock funding channels, provide venture capital, guarantee funds, venture capital and other financial support, provide a financing platform for startups, and provide investment, financing consulting and guidance for incubating companies in order to create a good investment and financing environment for advanced medical equipment.

In terms of company incubation services, ZK Medical is oriented to the professional field of advanced medical devices, and undertakes the full-process services for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of advanced medical equipment and business incubation, including incubation business registration, project product engineering, quality system construction, and product registration certificate application , government support policy guidance, capital operation, etc., to create an innovative service organization which centered on advanced medical device engineering platforms.

The advanced medical device engineering platform will mainly solve the bottleneck problems of low project technology maturity, high industrialization risk, and insufficient momentum for achievement transformation due to the lack of scale-up experiments (ie the product pilot phase) after the successful research and development of medical device products. The engineering platform includes an engineering design platform and an engineering test platform, including engineering research and design, testing and process inspection, as well as part of the process verification and certification testing, and a supporting quality management system for quality control. The platform specifically includes: five design platforms and a comprehensive experimental processing platform: the general department, the mechanical engineering department, the electronics engineering department, the software engineering department, and the clinical trial department. The platform focuses on the process technology research of the transformation of medical device results. Through the engineering redesign of the research results of the principle prototype, processing and process testing, type testing, clinical trials, etc., the technical risk of the product prototype is reduced as much as possible, and the maturity is improved. Stability and reliability complete the project product scale-up experiment, solve the production technical problems and carry out small batch production tests.

In terms of product promotion, ZK Medical takes demand as the traction and market as the starting point, directly participates in the product planning of SIBET and its group company and the top-level design of subsequent product sales and promotion routes, and comprehensively undertakes the sales work of the project company and the transformed product company of SIBET. In addition, signing production-strategic cooperation and product agency sales agreements with the project product companies, and deploying the two main business segments with the sales of scientific instruments and medical equipment products according to the characteristics of each product. This can help forming product lines suitable for various application scenarios, and a dedicated sales team for each product has been established to implement product promotion and sales.

The products of the two main business segments are as follows:

1. Scientific instrument products: The product line covers analytical scientific instruments and metrological scientific instruments with the technical direction of spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, chromatography, and spectroscopy, including: high-end microscope product series, mass spectrometry detection systems, scanning electron microscopes, digital PCR, Analytical flow cytometer, etc.

2. Medical equipment products: The product line covers all kinds of medical equipment with medical diagnosis, medical treatment, and medical rehabilitation as the application direction, including: automatic dry fluorescence immunoassay analyzer, medical grade flow cytometer, smart doctor health management Service system, deep-seated spectrum therapy instrument, thromboelastography instrument, automatic multi-modal inspection integrated machine, etc.

Suzhou ZhongKe Medical Device Industry Development Co., Ltd. will continue to explore, practice and improve the state-owned scientific research institution (Suzhou Institute of Medical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences) as the backing, engineering technology as the link, and investment funds as the assistance, engineering technology and other elements closely integrated incubation mode. undertake the full-process management and services for the transformation of advanced medical device achievements and business incubation, and solve the multiple problems of professional engineering team, equipment platform, capital and professional supporting services faced by technology companies in the advanced medical device industry in a targeted manner, and reduce corporate investment Risk, improve the efficiency of transfer and transformation of results, and establish a transformation base that gathers high-tech achievements in the field of medical equipment at home and abroad.