Advanced Medical Devices Industries Incubation Alliance Chinese Academy of Sciences

1. The establishment of the alliance: in order to solve the problem of the transformation of medical device achievements, adapt to the development direction of the industrial chain, and create a new model of medical device achievement transformation from scientific research results input-amplification (pilot test)-output (product). Led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. (CAS Holdings), and officially approved by the Economic Management Committee of CAS Holdings, Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences and related institutions within the Chinese Academy of Sciences established a new alliance- Advanced Medical Devices Industries Incubation Alliance Chinese Academy of Sciences on September 22, 2015.

2. The purpose of the alliance: to carry out the technological innovation, equipment development and industrial application of advanced medical devices featuring medical device engineering, accelerate the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, lead the technological progress and industrial development of the advanced medical device industry, and enhance the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ national innovation Strategic position in the system.

3. Alliance structure: Led by units of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, integrate domestic basic institutions, engineering institutions, clinical hospitals, industrial companies, venture capital institutions, intellectual property operating institutions and other advantageous resources to achieve benefit sharing with intellectual property rights/rights as the link.

4. Organizational structure of the alliance: The decision-making leading body of the alliance is the council, under its jurisdiction the Technical and Economic Advisory Committee and the alliance office (executive agency). As the executive agency’s alliance office, it has jurisdiction over the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ advanced medical device industry incubator and six major alliance members including basic institutions, engineering institutions, clinical hospitals, venture capital institutions, intellectual property operating institutions, and industrial companies.

5. Alliance development goals

(1) Relying on the alliance incubator and using the engineering platform to accelerate the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and realize the three-chain linkage of the innovation chain, capital chain and industrial chain;

(2) Give full play to the advantages of collaborative innovation, jointly break through relevant core technologies in the field of advanced medical devices, improve the system integration capabilities of medical device products, occupy the commanding heights of the medical device industry, and highlight the leading role of the alliance in the medical device industry;

(3) Cultivate medical device products, promote the cluster development of advanced medical device industry, export project companies to downstream, strive to incubate and cultivate enterprise capital to achieve 3-5 times value-added by 2020, and promote 15-20 high-end medical device products to market;

(4) Attract and cultivate a group of leading talents, core technical talents and enterprise management talents in the advanced medical device industry, and provide talent guarantee for the sustainable development of my country's advanced medical device industry.

6. Alliance key tasks

(1) Strategic planning: organize alliance members to actively participate in the work of relevant national departments to formulate innovative development plans for the medical device industry, grasp the direction and focus of technological development, carry out research on medical device technology development strategies, and assist government departments in formulating policies, regulations and technical standards Revision work.

(2) Resource struggle: plan and jointly develop national major project guides and project applications with alliance members, and hold regular project guide writing and project application seminars.

(3) Joint research and development: take advantage of the academic and technical advantages of each alliance member, carry out joint technical research, organize and promote independent innovation of key technologies, core components and key products of medical devices, enhance my country's medical device research and development competitiveness, and improve domestic medical device products Technical level

(4) Platform construction: establish alliance portal website and information exchange platform, establish medical engineering expert database, project breeding database, medical instrument industry standard database, etc., establish a shared use mechanism of scientific research basic platforms of all alliance units, and jointly create scientific and technological achievements transformation projects To improve the efficiency of resource allocation;

(5) Achievement transformation: With the Chinese Academy of Sciences' advanced medical device industry incubator as the core, actively refine and explore the high-quality scientific research results of each alliance member, and promote the achievements of each alliance member through the rights sharing guarantee mechanism, investment funds and engineering platform within the alliance Transform and cultivate competitive enterprises.

7. Vigorously develop alliance incubators

In February 2016, the core of the alliance-the Chinese Academy of Sciences Advanced Medical Device Industry Incubator (Suzhou ZhongKe Medical Device Industry Development Co., Ltd.) was formally established, led by CAS Holdings and jointly funded by United Nations Scientific Medical, and entrusted GK Medical to be responsible for management and operation, The registered capital is 62.5 million yuan. The alliance incubator (Suzhou ZhongKe Medical Device Industry Development Co., Ltd.) covers three professional platforms including engineering design, engineering testing and service support. It has three major functions: platform operation, project incubation, and project investment. The main research directions include medical optics and inspection products., Medical imaging, medical electronics, medical acoustics, precision machinery technology, medical micro-nano technology, etc.

(1) Promote the planning and construction of engineering platforms

1) Clarify the technical construction plan of the engineering platform

2) Improve engineering project management specifications

3) Layout a shared engineering technology library, strengthen the construction of the hardware laboratory and the test engineering department

4) Promote the construction of quality system

5) Strengthen the service capacity building of medical device registration regulations

6) Continue to promote the engineering construction of key projects such as flow cytometry, thrombismogram, and laser scanning confocal microscope

7) Carry out digital PCR system engineering project

8) Strengthen department construction, optimize management mode, and promote technology transformation

(2) Promote the construction of manufacturing innovation centers

In May 2018, the alliance incubator (Suzhou ZhongKe Medical Device Industry Development Co., Ltd.) was listed as the incubation unit of Jiangsu Manufacturing Innovation Center. In 2019, it was approved as a special fund for advanced manufacturing base of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

(3) To create an important carrier for the alliance-a professional creative space for medical devices of the Ministry of Science and Technology

Specialized medical device Maker Space (Makerspace) is created and operated by Suzhou GK Medtech Science and Technology Development (Group) Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned company of Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIBET). Makerspace Group integrates various element resources to export, promote, transfer and incubate innovative scientific research results at home and abroad for scientific instruments, medical devices, rehabilitation and other fields, through six major service platforms, including engineering platform, quality regulations and registration service platform, investment and financing platform, technology transfer platform, and online technology trading platform.

In 2019, MakerSpace newly incubated and participated in 4 companies, transformed 36 scientific and technological achievements and 12 projects, obtained 44.21 million yuan in achievement transformation funds, formed a registered capital of 29.5 million yuan and operating assets of 10.7 million yuan. Up to now, Makerspace has attracted more than 40 cooperative teams, transformed more than 80 intellectual property rights through transfers and equity purchases, and incubated 56 companies with a registered capital of 614 million yuan and operating assets of 216 million yuan.

8. Extensively expand cooperation in various fields and continuously expand the size of alliance members

The alliance members have grown from 30 at the beginning of its establishment in 2015 to more than 100 today. among them:

(1) 8 basic institutions (front-end research and development of the military)

(2) 10 engineering institutions (military engineering design and transformation)

(3) 6 clinical hospitals (clinical trials for military clinical needs)

(4) 2 venture capital institutions providing capital demand services

(5) 1 Intellectual Property Operation Agency (Military Intellectual Property Management and Operation)

(6) 86 industrial companies (achieving the industrial landing of scientific research achievements)

9. Strengthen member cooperation and focus on alliance development

(1) Establish and improve the project library of achievement transformation

(2) Joint preparation guide

(3) Jointly create a major carrier

(4) Joint application project

(5) Joint research and development, achievement transformation

(6) Combination of Medicine and Industry

(7) Promote alliance planning institute equipment projects and alliance product cooperation

(8) Joint establishment of project development fund

(9) Constructing the whole process management system of intellectual property rights for alliance members

(10) Joint anti-epidemic