Automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay Analyzer SIP2400


Independent research and development

High specificity

High sensitivity

Main Parameters’ Introduction of SIP2400

Main Parameters’ Introduction of SIP2400

Instrument Type
glow / flash chemiluminescence
240 Tests /Hour
Test Method
Random, Batch, STAT ,automatic Dilution
Sample Capacity
170 Tubes
TIP Capacity 
700 TIPs 
Sample Racks 
suitable for original blood collection vessel and micro sample cup with diameter of 10 ~ 15mm
Reagent Capacity 
30 Kits,100 Tests / Kit
Access mode of reagent information 
Cuvette Capacity 
1000 independent cuvettes
Reaction temperature 
37℃ ± 0.2℃
Calibration method 
built-in Main Curve, Supporting Calibrator

Features of SIP2400 instrument

Product features
  • Using chemiluminescence technology and magnetic particle separation technology, compatible with acridine ester labeling and alkaline phosphatase labeling system
  • With the advantages of high sensitivity and specificity, it is suitable for uninterrupted sample loading function, with real emergency channel and emergency priority examination function
  • Independent developed software eliminates potential sample stickiness
  • It can provide optimal test performance and up to 240 Tests /Hour throughput

Application area

There are more than 100 items that can be carried out by chemiluminescence detection system at home and abroad: tumor markers, thyroid hormone function, sex hormone endocrine, infectious diseases, myocardial markers, vitamins, other metabolism, etc;

The most common items carried out by hospitals include 40-60 items, including infectious diseases series, tumor markers series, thyroid hormone series, sex hormone endocrine series, etc.