Laser interfered structured illuminated super-resolution fluorescence microscope


Plentiful of imaging mode

High-profile system illuminated light field regulation and modulation technology

Hi-Fi SIM imaging restructure technology


Laser interfered structured illuminated super-resolution fluorescence microscope

Main Specifications

Excitation Wavelength
Standard equipped with 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 647nm four-way laser; Excitation wavelength can be customized, compatible with visible light and infrared
Imaging mode
Common SIM, glancing incidence SIM, TIRF-SIM, Fast 3D-SIM, 3-SIM and non-linear SIM (optional)
Linear TIRF-SIM: Horizontal > 100nm; 3D-SIM: Horizontal > 120nm, Axial > 250nm; Non-linear SIM: Horizontal > 60nm
Imaging speed
≥50 frames @ time of exposure 1ms(Linear SIM)
Compatible objectives
10x/20x/40x;100xNA1.49TIRF (oil);100xNA1.7TIRF (oil)
Single-Camera time-sharing multicolor imaging, can be fitted with dual-camera simultaneous dual-color imaging
Automatic fluorescence imaging control, multi-channel synchronization control based on FPGA, imaging channels switch, objectives switch and XYZ high precision objective table scan, etc.; Live cell station can be fitted


Product features
  • Including common SIM, glancing incidence SIM, TIRF-SIM, fast 3D-SIM, 3D-SIM, non-linear SIM and other modes, to satisfy different application scenario and resolution imaging requirement
  • By adopting self-developed structured light polarization regulation and compensation technology, the illumination stripe modulation of every channel excitation light in each direction can be regulated to approximately 1, which extremely expanded the effectiveness of high frequency information
  • Multiply artifact problem in traditional SIM technology restructure imaging have been effectively resolved by adopting self-developed high-fidelity SIM (HiFi-SIM) suite, which ensures the reliability of super-resolution SIM image that has been captured
  • The traditional wide field microscope can be upgraded to SIM system based on customers’ requirements; illumination scheme of microscope’s side or back can be fully customized; provide data process and analysis services

Production introduction

1.Super-resolution structured illumination microscope, (SR-SIM) is an important instrument that is able to break through the classic fraction limit to achieve nanoscale visualization of biological structure. SR-SIM technology can achieve approximately 2 times of space resolution increment in linear SIM mode compared to traditional wide field imaging, and even more by using non-linear SIM mode. SR-SIM characterized with wide field illumination imaging, nonspecific fluorescent labeling and low illumination power features, that has been widely applied in life science and other fields.

2.This product can be applied for life science research, pathological diagnosis and other scenarios. With the self-developed High-profile system illuminated light field regulation and modulation technology and Hi-Fi SIM imaging restructure algorism suite, the product is able to produce high quality results that are much better than traditional SIM microscope produced , and with much higher reliability.

Imaging samples and performance exhibition

Imaging samples