DMD-SIM – Structured illuminated super-resolution fluorescence microscope


High temporal resolution

Plentiful imaging modes

Modularization design

Suitable for multitype microscope

DMD-SIM – Structured illuminated super-resolution fluorescence microscope

Main Specifications

Excitation Wavelength
405/488/561nm etc.
Imaging mode
2D-SIM/Fast 3D-SIM
Imaging speed
Imaging depth
Automatic imaging based on FPGA (Streak loading, synchronous sampling and high precision 3D displacement control)


Product advantages
  • High resolution: imaging stability and sampling speed has been improved by applying DMD projection
  • Plentiful imaging modes: option of 2D-SIM/Fast 3D-SIM and other imaging modes to satisfies the needs of different scenarios
  • Modularization design: easiness, convenience and economy of installation and maintenance, modules can be purchased for existing equipment upgrading purpose
  • Suitable for multitype microscope: multiple interface design, compatible for fluorescence, confocal and other microscopes by Nikon and Olympus  

Product introduction

1.The structured illuminated super-resolution fluorescence microscope (DMD-SIM) based on digital micromirror device uses special modulated structured light field illuminated sample produced by DMD, extract high frequency information beyond cut-off frequency from modulated image data with different phase by adopting phase-shifting algorism, to rebuild 2D/3D super-resolution image that beyond diffraction limit. This product can also be used to obtain good quality of 3D imaging by using structured light illuminated fast slice imaging approach and algorithmically remove the blurry defocused information from original image.

2.This product is designed to used high brightness 10 wavebands LED as source to not only lower its cost but also widen its applications. The characteristics of fast imaging speed, low phototoxicity and low cost has been widely used in the filed of life science. It can be used in fast super-resolution and 3D slice imaging of biological fluorescent sample, which has been considered as one of the most importance instruments in life science research and pharmaceuticals.


Product application

SIM imaging of Actin sample:Left: wide field imaging            Right: SIM super-resolution imaging



SIM imaging of mitochondria sample:Left: wide field imaging             Right: SIM super-resolution imaging 

Comparison between confocal and SIM imaging of Actin sample at 488nm:Left: laser confocal imaging      Right: SIM super-resolution imaging